25 March 2010

1 ok + tn/nyc = awesome

we drank big house wine from the bottle while sitting atop a ceramic elephant in a playground on the lower east side.

we donned fancy dress and swigged from a liter of german beer at the only covered patio table in the midst of a downpour.

we accidentally stole a pint of banana pudding from magnolia bakery.

we met the man who 25 years ago led a 400 man walk-out from the floor of the metropolitan opera because the tenor had a lisp.

he may or may not be in the mob.

we fell a little in love with laura lobdell.

we ate a cupcake, grey's papaya and a slice of pizza within a 1 1/2 hour period on tuesday morning because it was our last day in new york and we had to accomplish our goals.

we smoked cigars.


we returned to chicago only to discover that the nose ring k.lo had put in at a tattoo parlor located between two sex shops was actually an earring.

it had to be removed.