13 March 2010

4 the gold lamé pantsuit

so, my dear friends, what we have here is a glorious image of my dear croftie standing on the fancy floor of macy's holding aloft a designer gold lamé pantsuit.

let's break that down.

(1) gold.
(2) lamé.
(3) pantsuit.

three words that still don't convey the glory. i think you need context.

imagine you are walking the fancy floor of macy's, hushed among the marc jacobs and nanette lepores, when suddenly from on high a flash of gold beckons you.

reverently, you approach. gently, you hold it aloft from the rack and BAM!


obviously in the women's department. unfortunately priced at $495.99. inexplicably sized for jason segel.


s.h.e. said...

m.c. hammer must really be proud that we've made our way back 'round to repeating the doomed fashion decisions of the early 90s. granted, i would love to see the woman/man who could pull that off this day and age. i imagine some massive stomach belt must be the key accessory to wearing the entire getup. otherwise, it's just a ridiculously poofy haz mat suit that is destined for the pigeon forge outlet malls.

oline said...

well it has the drawstring waist. and i think we would assume this is worn by someone who weighs 30 pounds and bought it solely on the basis that it is selling on the expensive macy's floor. if anyone would actually buy it. which i doubt. so, yes, you will probably see this making the rounds at pigeon forge some time soon.

but seriously- the tallness! is it just meant to be that baggy or is it fit for an amazonian?

Lara Ehrlich said...

just 30 pounds!? that's like barry and vieve mooshed together. one for each leg.

oline said...

so maybe not that skinny. maybe the vieve would be in there with them throwing in her 2.5 pounds.