03 March 2010

3 ch-ch-ch-ch-changes


some several months ago i embarked upon what, for lack of a less vegan word, we are going to define as a "lifestyle change." namely, i made a conscious decision to accept every invitation i received. this has led to many earth-shattering events. cigars in an alley. halloween in a funeral parlor. new year's in a black church. and i'm sure i need not remind you, the ladies elvis TOUCHED MY FREAKING KNEE.

it has all been lovely and wonderful and amazing, etc., etc., etc. but after two consecutive saturday nights spent up past 3 a.m., i think i have to say that perhaps, in the words of roger murtaugh via ted mosby (ps. how much are we loving that there is a wikipedia entry for that?), i'm too old for this stuff.


taramoon333 said...

Just because you accept an invitation does not mean you have to party like a rock star. you know nothing good occurs after 2am.

oline said...

it's astonishing the impact of ted mosby (architect) on our day to day lives.

Acer Negundo said...

I hear you sister. I hear you.