10 March 2010

5 awesome (redux)

i appreciate the whole betty white renaissance.
and her mary tyler moore show alum status
and abundant humor and grace in her twilight years
have very nearly led me to forgive her for
the insidiousness that was the golden girls.
very nearly.
that said, screw SNL.
there can be nothing more awesome than this.


taramoon333 said...

I can't believe you don't like the Golden Girls. Is it because the southern lady was a big slut? Don't harsh on Blanche Devereaux just because she was in touch with her sexuality.

oline said...

my hatred can be split into two parts:

(1) five words- thank you for being a friend.

(2) a college roommate who watched every freaking episode 12,000 times.

Lara Ehrlich said...


oline said...

well, yeah. because they're AWFUL!

oline said...

but also, part of that might be that everyone always said i was bea arthur in my group of 4 girlfriends.