04 February 2010

5 faith in the city

timing is everything.

e said this on a lazy saturday afternoon after up in the air, as she leaned over a glass of malbec and told me something for which i had prayed for forevers was suddenly possible, now that i no longer needed it to come true.

timing is everything.

an obvious truth that bears repeating.

it's been a strange little while around here. both precious and plum awful. a time i am ready to be beyond and yet cannot help but hold on to, because God only knows what happens next.

but then, that would be the key now, wouldn't it?

as father clark drove me to the airport, both of us in dire need of coffee, we had few words. until looking into the kentucky fog, i said, "life is rough, but God is good."

"all the time..." he said, with the first half-smile of the morning.

and as i had done every sunday in the southern baptist church of my childhood, i responded without thinking, "all the time..."

and he said, "God is good."


Linda said...

this makes me cry.

oline said...

but in a good way?

kjd said...

am crying now (but in a good way). my baker and i were just talking about how good God is- all the time.

oline said...

omg, does this mean i wrote something under the category of "tear-jerker"? that warms my heart.

oline said...
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