06 February 2010

6 dear jordan catalano

what is happening here?

i have two theories...

1. this is some sort of My Boyfriend James Franco-style
life performance geared towards convincing us all you
deserve a role in that upcoming cinematic masterpiece,
breaking dawn.

2. you are writing, producing, directing and starring in
everybody loves jess: the milo ventimiglia story.

which is it, pray tell?


Unknown said...

Is he wearing a silk/satin blazer with combat boots?

oline said...

why yes he is. not to mention fingerless gloves and an amulet.

Linda said...

what kind of child of the 90's am I??? i had to google this name!!

oline said...

oh honey, thank goodness i had exposed you to gone with the wind or i'd think i'd failed you as a friend.

Les Savy Ferd said...

duh, his name is clearly spelled out on the wall behind him. that is Calvin "Klein" Collection.

oline said...

um... i don't think that's how the red (or in this case, dingy grey) carpet situation works.