10 February 2010

6 dead woman walking

my mum loves a good health scare. so you can imagine her excitement when a recent (highly flawed) medical study boldly announced that as few as TWO sodas per WEEK could nearly double one's risk of pancreatic cancer.

omg! panic!

mind you, this was conducted in singapore. only 140 people out of 60,000 were affected. and the study refers to sweetened sodas only.

however, though we do not live in singapore and though i haven't drunk anything but diet drinks for years so it's more likely that one fine day i'll just implode from aspartame accumulation, still my mum had to call and regale me with the particulars of this recent (highly flawed) medical study. never mind that according to this recent (highly flawed) medical study we are all pretty much already good as dead.


Meggie said...

There are so many studies coming out right now. Researchers are jumping on the bandwagon to publish about how bad Coke is for you.

People need to worry more about the fact that Coke basically becomes formaldehyde once warmed in the stomach.

oline said...

so what we're spending on coke now will save us in mortuary fees later. yay that.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i drink about 6-8 liters of soda a week. For the last 12 years, possibly as many as 16.

Conservatively that's about 550 gallons or near 6,000 liters.

If coke was really really bad for you clearly I'd already be dead.

oline said...

that begs the question: are we in heaven? where, presumably one could down soda all day and be unaffected.

Osutein said...

Health studies have about as much to do with science as astrology. Actually, astrology is probably far more scientifically accurate than most health studies.

Remember when bread caused cancer?

oline said...

"remember when bread caused cancer?"

dude. that totally caused me to spew forth my six diet mountain dew of the day in laughter.