09 January 2010

0 we ten kings

last night, Katie I and i braved the single digit temps to attend elvisfest 2010. i am not at all jesting when i say we will probably look back upon that as the greatest decision of our lives.

because, people, elvisfest 2010 rocked. there was a peanut butter and banana buffet. free stickers. singing. CAKE. and impostors galore. seriously. it ROCKED. even Katie I, who is not an elvite and punctuated the evening with shocked exclamations of i can't believe i am at elvisfest 2010 and it is AWESOME concurred.

and so, when j.d., "the ladies elvis," passed by us and not only winked at me but grazed his hand across my knee and i clutched my heart and turned to Katie I to say OH MY GOD, THE LADIES ELVIS JUST TOUCHED MY LEG, i found her staring back at me equally incredulous as she said in a voice barely above a whisper, elvis just winked at you!!!

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