21 January 2010

2 peep show


i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove looking in people's windows.

i don't know if this is an indicator that i am secretly a crazy stalker person or if i just have such a very great love of people that it extends to peering into their homes to lavish love upon their things.

i am not alone in this. croftie is also an enthusiastic peeper. we will skip down the street, gawking with great glee into every lit window we pass. because the people round here, they own some pretty things (window dressings not among them). pretty things which they have very kindly put on public display and expensively well lit.

this always seemed a somewhat shameful act. this sidewalk voyeurism. then last night KC told me how her mother loves peering into the windows of homes. and i nodded and smiled and said, why, i do that too! and she said, but um... yeah... do you go up to the living room window and press your nose to the glass to see in? i was very proud and grateful to be able to say in all honestly, why, no. no, i do not.


Amy said...

I'm so glad you loooooove something instead of just a plain love. I had no idea you had this secret hobby. Staying away from nose pressing is probably a good idea, though.

oline said...

but it's sooooooooooooo funn. (WHY the extra n??? that blows my mind.)

and yeah, i think there might be some hostility if someone looked up from their green beans to see my noseprints on the glass.