04 December 2009

4 so last night croftie and i went awesomeing all about the town.

a pictorial celebration, if you please...

we saw lights.

and a tree.

and a huge nutcracker.

but mostly we ate.

meatloaf sandwich.

sugar puffs.

more sugar puffs.
(and yes, christkindlmarket is that shimmery.)

then we went to the one of a kind show
where we this 1/2 ounce wine smoothie
and were promptly pretty much drunk.


(oh wait, there's MORE)


Linda said...

okay, this proves that fact that the lindears NEED to be there next year during the Christmas season.

oline said...

well, yeah. just think how cute kiddear will look amidst the sparklies.

Acer Negundo said...

Oh my. I really have to get planning my trip down there. I want to be awesoming about your town instead of ghosting about Regina.
At least our city rhymes with fun, though?

oline said...

yeah, chicago really doesn't have as cool a rhyme scheme as your ghost town. chicago... lumbago?