21 December 2009

0 the applicant

december 21, 2009

city of chicago
attn: sign division
chicago, il 60601

dear city of chicago,

i am writing in application for the position of deputy director for the city of chicago's sign division. i am wholly aware that this is not an actual position for which you are accepting applications, however, i believe that, given the profligacy of the sign division's output, my talents and skills could be of tremendous value within this integral area of chicago's governance.

it is my fervent belief that one must be fluent in the language of one's field. as you may or may not know, i am half-deaf. and though i have not chosen to learn sign language, i believe i should be very adept should i ever pursue it. such fluency would, of course, directly translate into my excelling as the deputy director of the sign division.

as you may note from my resume, i have also spent many years working with very old people. therefore, i have considerable experience with large fonts and increased line spacing. i believe this invaluable training has equipped me to bring a renewed vibrancy to the sign division's products so they will have increased impact on both a visual and emotional scale. there is, after all, nothing quite like the spark in someone's eye when they see a sign.

i know that the position of deputy director requires tremendous versatility and flexibility, traits i have repeatedly demonstrated throughout my career through my passionate desire to learn sign language and my liberal employment of large fonts.

my resume is attached for your review. i look forward to hearing from you.


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