23 October 2009

2 paper cuts

this coming monday, should all go according to plan, your dear oline will be making her triumphant return to craft night.

don't hold me to that though. i am a notorious commitment-phobe when it comes to craftnight.

largely because i've not had a craft about which i can be truly gung-ho. the country biscuit quilt i've been sewing since 1991 for the twin bed i will have in the vermont cabin i will never own? yeah, that doesn't exactly stir my heart.

so i thought about it and i thought about it and i thought about it some more and about a month ago, in the dark of night, through the ether it came to me. and i went hot damn!

and i promptly forgot.

ever since, i've trolled etsy trying to remember what my craft was supposed to be. because i know- deep down in my gut i have felt it- that this is My Craft. it is what i have been meant to be doing all along.

finally, last week i remembered.

i, your dear oline, am a paper cutter.

and after a lifetime of waiting i am now ready, prepared to step forth and embrace my crafty paper-cutting superpower. i am ready, at long last, to be the princess of scherenschnitte.

the chief obstacle to my assumption of the throne of scherenschnitte (aside from, you know, the teeny tiny fact that i have never before performed it and am, therefore, entirely unqualified), is that i am not entirely certain how to pronounce it. or say it.

i'm 92.7% certain it's cher-in-shhhh-knit. but every time i tell this story, when i get to the end, the part where i have remembered my craft and it's time for the big reveal, out tumbles share-and-shit.


Lara Ehrlich said...

Little Known Fact (LKF): Hans Christian Andersen was a master of scherenschnitte, and was so afeared of someone stealing his little scissors that he kept them in his boots. The bottoms of his feet got all cut up, but I guess that was better than losing his crafting tools to a hoodlum.

oline said...

see?! i wear boots!!! this is my DESTINY!