12 August 2009

2 sofas & the city (part 2 of 2)

there are things the proverbial they don't tell you about living in the city, but which we, having lived in the city, already know. for example, we know that getting rid of a sofa in the city is a hell of a hard trick. and therefore, for the second time in two and a half years, i have killed a couch.

i had hoped it would be more merciful this go-round than the last. it wasn't. but it is a measure of my newly gained knowledge of compromised structural integrity that, while killing the couch version 2007 took a full nine days, this chore lasted a mere hour and a half. surely there's mercy in that.

and so... ding dong, The Hulk is dead!


Linda said...

did you wear your bling while you sawed? please tell me you did. even if you didn't, lie to me.

oline said...

well yeah. and next time (though there will never be a next time) we're flying you up to watch.