28 April 2009

5 this will mean nothing to most people


but gawker does these amazingly trippy gossip girl recaps, and in the midst of this week's installment two underappreciated truths emerged. in lieu of anything else happening in the world (beyond, y'know, pig flu and book club), they seemed important to share:

ps. this is not a vision test. everyone knows they can click on screencaps and they'll be all big and readable, right?


Meggie said...

So I heard that Gossip Girl is in major trouble. Apparently their ratings are crap 'cause no one actually really watches the show (they've gone down 26% this year) and it might be cancelled.

oline said...

nope, they're on for at least a third season, so we are ensured the joy of watching them transition from high school to college.

Linda said...

They can't cancel GG, because then people.com would have no one to obsess over.

Les Savy Ferd said...

after the first 10 eps or so (of S1) the following is a list of interesting characters from most to least.

1. S's Mom.
2. B
3. Nathaniel Archibald
4. S
5. C Bass
6. The rest of the non-Humphreys*.

*anyone named Humphrey is boring as shit, with the possible exception of Papa Humphrey.

Also, the fire escape girl is an abomination against nature. you know the person I mean.

oline said...


lily VDW is your #1?! is that because of or in spite of the fact she slept with trent reznor?

and NO ONE in the the whole world likes fire escape girl. we, as a world, are united against her.