14 February 2009

3 vieveversarie!

if the annual photo shoot is any indication, this year's theme?
violence and bloodshed.


Les Savy Ferd said...

It is nice that you celebrate a vieversarie. L and I are terrible at stuff like that. We are inexact timekeepers. Doesn't help that we have two anniversaries of when we first got together. And don;'t even ask me when I proposed. I can't even get my own age straight. Did you know that I am possibly as young as 27 and as old as 31?

So we got Barry... sometime in January and he is now 4-ish. We got Pickle... a month or two later and she might be as old as 6 or 7.

I can see this as becoming a problem should we eventually have children.

Anonymous relative: "What's his birthday?"

Me: "Um, does March count as a birthday?"

oline said...

to strut my fearsome ability to remember the minutia of other people's lives for a minute- you got barry somewhere around january 21stish way back in 2006. i know this because i was in chicago for 16 hours to look at apartments in the rain and there was all manner of cat paraphernalia about the croftcastle for the cat that was being picked up that saturday afternoon. then i think you picked up the pick-up-stik something like the day after or before i moved, so around the february 21stish mark. probably before since you instantly fell Deathly Ill from the great tabloid hoist.

that said, hasn't the annual "let's celebrate sensei's birthday at a point that it is actually closer to his next birthday than the last" mentality proven that dates don't matter much?

Meggie said...

I now feel the urge to test your so called ability to remember dates...