16 January 2009

6 wtf

we whine about this every winter. the cold. but this is different. and i think i even said that before in the deep freeze winter of 2007, but really. this is entirely different... you just don't know.

it's been cold before. chicago is supposed to be cold. i'm blessed/cursed with unsympathetic southern friends, whose automatic response is a reminder of but you're in chicago. it's supposed to be cold in chicago. no, people. it is not supposed to be this cold anywhere in the world. we chicagoans did not sign up for this.

we are hale and hardy, but there are certain givens that must be in place. we must be able to walk from the train station home. that is the key to our survival and we have done that many a winter. but 15 hours later, our sinuses and lungs should not still be feeling as though they are being pricked by shards of frozen glass and burned in fire. this is something new.

i'm pretty sure it's the end of days.

yesterday, it was the coldest it's ever been. -9. yes, you read that right. -9. that was the actual temperature (to say nothing of the windchill). 9 less than nothing. which seems like a mathematical impossibility but apparently isn't.

and we persevered through that nightmare because there was the promise of today. a new, warmer day, which we were told would top out at 6.

15 whole degrees more than yesterday. a positive number. a veritable heatwave.

it's hard to express my disillusionment with the weather channel and chicago and God and commonwealth edison and the meteorological sciences in general when i woke up in an apartment with no hot water and saw this.


Meggie said...

Aw honey... And I did text message you that you chose to live in Chicago. *laughs*

They cancelled all the schools here because it was too cold. When they figured out that it was 3 degrees, they cancelled. Love the South.

Les Savy Ferd said...

and yet businesses and schools (although not all, to be fair) go on around here.

I echo your sentiments. -15 is not a temperature i can explain properly. It is so devastatingly cold my body actually shuts down. When I come inside i can't think appropriately, when i speak random words I've never used pop into my speech while hundreds of other everyday words are completely gone.

Basic motor skills evaporate and I fumble with the easiest to manipulate objects. I bump into things, stub toes, jam fingers.

And nobody ever says anything about dehydration. I've drank like 16 huge glasses of water the last couple of days and for the purposes of tact lets just say it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

I miss buffalo! I miss my home where the lake keeps things around 20 at the very coldest. 20! is that so much to ask? but even that is 35 (!!!!) degrees warmer than it was this morning.

this cannot last forever, right?

oline said...

yes, meggie. and i know the "shut up" i texted back was a little harsh, but it seemed warranted.

dougO, i think maybe we are dead. seriously. drinking but not peeing. and i haven't felt my face in days.

what i don't understand is how it got colder? how is that even possible? did the cold front just sit down for a breather on top of us?

but chin up- they say 20 for tomorrow...

Osutein said...

Glad I'm not the only one w/o hot water this morning. Which is probably for the best. The dirt and grime adds another layer against the ungodly cold...

Les Savy Ferd said...

i read on abc news dot come that this morning it was warmer in Alaska than it was in Alabama. Thats just not right.

Meggie said...

It took my car forever to get heat this morning. My car does not like it when it is 3 degrees outside. It doesn't know what to do.

Crazy f'ing weather.