08 January 2009

2 i think it terribly important that we dwell upon this

this is a recent photograph of courtney love.

look closely.

admire the sunglasses.
the reading material.
the haute nail polish.
the cute crocodile purse.

this is the rest of that recent photograph of courtney love.



this is courtney love. and it is 2009. and i know that by now we should be at a cultural point where nothing courtney love does is ever surprising. we, as a people, should be numb. but still, it's hard to remain unmoved by the sight of courtney love dressed as a leprechaun unicorn person escaped from a renaissance fair.


Les Savy Ferd said...

unfortunately i think age plays a part here. yes, the outfit is hideous with so many bad decisions it is hard to apprise the whole at all, but really, how old is Ms Love? This might work as some punkish statement for a bratty 16 year-old Ukranian immigrant but as it is she just looks like a toddler who was allowed to dress themselves.

oline said...

ms love is 44. which raises the question of how much work has she had done.

i would be remiss not to admit that this outfit is growing on me. not that we will ever live in a world where it is acceptable for 44 year olds to venture out of doors having attached satin elf shoes to their feet with ribbons and straw. just that what at first appeared to be an utter disaster now seems a fantasia-esque pastiche of hooker/fairy couture.