12 January 2009

6 along came winter


Les Savy Ferd said...

tomorrow morning will be the End of Days. -11 degrees is forecast for 8am! that's not even cold anymore... I mean atoms have to actually be able to move and stuff in order for instruments to measure heat, right?

my updated cold rankings list

42 chilly
36 pretty cold
30 cold
22 goddam cold
18 really goddam cold
12 ouch my face
9 ouch my balls
4 time to crawl into a tauntaun
1 really goddam fucking cold
-5 the world is spiked on a nightmare so cold its hard to imagine
-7 you went outside!? Why!?
-11 (incapable of thought let alone speech)

oline said...

o where is my tuantaun?

Meggie said...

Ok, so it isn't just us? The high on Thursday is supposed to be like 20.

Although one of my friends in Alaska said it was around -24 yesterday. Eek!

Osutein said...

H.P. Lovecraft can't even describe the horror that is waiting for the bus in -11 degree weather.

Les Savy Ferd said...

/requests Sensei to make the tauntaun noise

oline said...

isn't a blizzard supposed to be a once an eon thing? it is frightful to hear the weatherpeoples bandying the term about so liberally.