23 September 2008

4 the re-closet

on this date in oline's history, we had the re-closet. which taught us very little beyond the fact that any event involving partner, S, ansel adams, and the president of the gay and lesbian and tri-gendered people's association of the university of florida is going to be pretty memorable. and that people who are gay should probably just go ahead and be gay.


Linda said...

is this the 10 year anniversary of the re-closet??

oline said...

9 years. march 18th will be the 10 year anniversary of outing 1.0. which reinforces, yet again, that we are very effing old.

Linda said...


oh, twenty-three.. where have you gone??

Meggie said...

Dude, posts like this one need to come with a warning to not read at 6 in the morning.

I was sitting here thinking you organized your closet for a good 3 minutes until it occured to me what it really referred to.