18 August 2008

5 we all sleep alone

well actually, i don't. i sleep with a stuffed animal. only when i sleep alone at home but still... and yes, i am 27 so that's a mite embarrassing, but i'm not ashamed. it helps me sleep. it has helped me sleep since college. i always thought this was due to my lingering fear that someone would stick a saber through the window and slice off my hands if they were outside the blankets (a big thanks to the sadistic babysitter who planted that idea in my little girl head) but after a restless night at the holiday inn, i now know i need a stuffed animal because in a stuffed animal's absence i cling to pillows and wind up twisted within the fitted sheet and awake thinking i've been abducted in a 100% cotton body-bag by the crime syndicate of harrisburg, PA.


Clark MF Price said...

I, to this day, can't stand to sleep with my feet exposed or, God forbid, them hanging off the bed. As a child, I was afraid of some monster under the bed grabbing them and pulling me under.(thanks older brother)
Now, I don't have the irrational fears, but it still freaks me out to have my feet exposed.
I have always wanted to video-tape myself sleeping, so I could see how much I thrash about. It's bad that I still can't sit still even in slumber.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i sleep like the dead. having spent several centuries walking upon this earth as a vampire, only to be cruelly re-embodied 29 years ago, I can say this is a most preferable mode of sleep.

I also do not snore, however it comes at a price of me drooling. Usually when I'm dreaming about all of the pale white virgin necks aching to be, er, dreaming about freshly baked bread.

Meggie said...

My first thought was, "Gee, thanks for reminding me that I sleep alone."

BTW, we have GOT to phone date soon so I can tell you the latest on what the evil MIL has done now!

Les Savy Ferd said...

MILwaukee is pretty evil.

paper wren said...

I slept with my stuffed ewok (the grey princess with the pink "suede" hood) from 6 to probably 26. It was hugged at night for so long its neck elongated and its right cheek puffed out bigger than the left.

Sometimes when I am staying at my mom's house I bust her out and I am reminded that when sleeping on my side there is an ewok shaped void between my arms that needs filling.

Now I wish I could sleep with my Ewok tonight. I am not sure how I sleep without it.