30 June 2008

4 june: a revue

in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world

"i didn't know if that was you or your chastity belt talking."

"guess who's going to madonna..."

"my wife had a baby awhile ago and we really thought she'd be weened off the teat by now but that little heifer don't want nothing but her momma."

"it seems like she's having a really difficult... lifetime."

"we're very up-in-the-airsies about everything right now."

"he is way too gay to be that clueless about appearances."

"you do like drama."
"well, it's not like i subscribe to it and it comes on a weekly basis. it just happens."

"oh honey, it's ring around the penis."

"sex was never the same after coldplay."

"yeah... i wore a beret."

"when you really think about it, college is the opposite of God."

"girl, i saw your butt from a block away."

"i swear to God, once those kids leave i'm going to have my tubes tied."

"you just can't trust the blacks. i don't care if the mother was white and the father was green, you can't trust the blacks."

"if you're removing someone's pantaloons, then clearly that's fucking."

"well, i'm sure you're finger-lickin' good but..."

"they sent me a bag. and look! it's a yuppie on the inside."

"new york is 10 hours from here. i don't know what that means..."

"i didn't get much sleep last night, but i did whiten my teeth, so i can smile big, even if my eyes will be tired."

"that was one too many things to be wanting and waiting on. i can handle not having sex but i really needed the 'sex & the city.'"

"i have the personality of a soft prick."

"but sophie said ok..."

"...senssssssssssssssual massage..."


Les Savy Ferd said...

i know who the middle comment was about!!!!!(really, are all these exclamation points necessary)!!!!!

oline said...

you and your exclamation points!!!!!!

Les Savy Ferd said...

they are like finely honed daggers I use to first baffle my interlocutors, then defeat with the cutness.

also for the 11teenth time today:

oline said...

not the cutness. please, dear God, no.