20 June 2008

13 call me demanding

but there's more to love than shopping at target and loving the sex & the city movie, right?


Unknown said...

sooooooooo demanding

oline said...

i'm sure i don't know what you mean.

Les Savy Ferd said...

Hmmmm, i will not fall for this manufactured everyman image. for crying out loud they went to princeton/columbia and then met at harvard and have since been very successful. i find it hard to believe either of them would ever want/need to go to target. although that steep discount on 287-count pallets of toilet paper is a steal!

that said, i like my presidents to be capable of rational thoughts and diplomacy rather than bombing the shit out of anything that moves so i'm clearly voting for O. You know, instead of one who merely faked his way through Cs at Yale, or was one of the worst in his class at the United States naval Academy.

but then again i'm a prius driving latte-sipping mid-america hating elitist communist misanthrope.

oline said...

wait a minute, doubto. you don't believe graduates of princeton/harvard/columbia shop at target? isn't target the commercial capitol of yuppiedom? we went to a fauxvy and if the nearest store weren't ten transfers away i'd likely be there every freaking day. i think you're confusing target with costco- land of the 287-count pallets- you latte-sipping, middle-america-hating elitist communist misanthrope. personally, i like my religion and my guns. they are integral to my dasein.

Osutein said...

"Fauxvy" is brilliant. And the perfect description of the Place That Is Responsible For Me Posting This Comment. Also, I would personally like to add to the list of gross words "Target" as pronounced with a French accent (ie: Tarjay). Drives me up the bloomin' wall.

Les Savy Ferd said...

well said, er, Os (plural). between the good sense i, our presiden to be and the dear host this hear blog, i am inundated in a sea of O.

however, Ms O, you neglect the key phrase in my post "and have since been very successful." Success can be measured in a great many ways, and in truth, the three of us who've posted here have all earned our fair share of wonderful things, but in my post the success referred primarily to financial gain and the whole, you can afford nice things, why not purchase them and avoid all of the, ahem, tarjays of the world.

Besides, they won't fit in your prius.

Osutein said...

Well, you are also dougO, so you too may join the Great and Powerful Order of the Os. We eat Cheerios for breakfast and SpaghettiOs for dinner. We do not eat lunch. Lunch is for consonants.

oline said...

i imagine that after evil man smells baby, stabs snowman scales the heights of literary acclaim and you are a bona fide successO, the title of your biography will go something like this-

the dread pirate dOugla$: financial gain and the whole you can afford nice things why not purchase them and avoid all of the, ahem, tarjays of the world?

Meggie said...

I'm just gonna say this...

DougO--you stated that you wanted someone who made more than Cs at Naval Academy. I'm not voting for McCain but I'm gonna defend his Cs. The service academies are difficult beyond belief and academics are just part of the emphasis. Whereas you and I could focus completely on our classes, they have multiple things to keep their focus. Just to graduate from a service academy is a feat most of us could not manage.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox.

Les Savy Ferd said...


point taken. however, harsh grading scale aside, i do believe he was towards the very bottom of his class. Not that grades are everything, i've known plenty of brilliant people who cared fuck-all about their classes and showed up to like, two of them all year only to skate through on Cs because they aced the finals without really trying.

What I'm saying is that McCain could be the son of a garbage disposal unit and a guppy and still have more intelligence than our current commander in chief.

The guy's got real bona fide credentials, most of which stem from his time in service. He's just kind of turned into something other than what he once was, say... two years after he lost the nomination to Dubya in 2000 and he realized he was going to have to remake himself if he ever wanted to be elected.

maverick indeed

Meggie said...

I'm protective of the service academies.

You can ask Caro, I'm anti-Republican. So, there is a snows chance in heck that I would vote for McCain. He actually likes No Child Left Behind which is unbelievable, IMO.

Can we PLEASE get Bill Clinton back in office? I miss Bill. :(

Les Savy Ferd said...

not to be all needy and everything but my many many daily trips around the blog world are impoverished by your extended leave of absence.

i... just don't know how much more of this i can take.

/hits the booze
/slumps in the corner
/wolves howl menacingly in the distance

oline said...

aw shucks, pirate. it's nice to be missed.