31 May 2008

0 may: a revue

in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world

"deborah, where is your faith?"
"not in her underpants."

"you can still be a yuppie in a wheelchair."

"you're all respectable in your fantasies. like you say, 'yes. yes, i will undress you in your butler outfit.'"

"that reminds me of a line from pump up the volume..."

"i really am going to go jump off a bridge. i'll be right back."

"ah, the revolution."
"yeah, that didn't last long."
"really, it was more of a boston tea party."

"run on. i'll just be back here watching your butts jiggle."

"everyone's got their hands above their head, waving not very nice spirit fingers."

"celebrity meeting in the main room."
"oh my god! what celebrity?!"
"it's not mario lopez, bart. take it easy."

"i'm sorry to hear she isn't jewish. i had my hopes up on that one."

"it must feel so frustrating to not have ANY useful skills whatsoever and to fail at EVERYTHING you do."

"he's published a book on working out in which he is very topless, very cut, and very shiny on the cover, which leads me to believe he didn't so much write it as lube up and pose for pictures."

"there was something very wrong about a catholic high school orchestra playing guns 'n roses. i just sat there bracing for ACDC."

"when you really mean something, you don't accompany it with a tambourine."

"you're so hardcore... by which i mean you wear black a lot."

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