21 March 2008

3 we were on a break

yesterday was the first day of spring. today? a Winter Storm Event.

in protest, i trudged through the blowing snow in a red 3/4 sleeve spring coat and cloth yellow and green plaid flats. because come hell or yankees or the pitching of a public fit, i'm going to finish this day in seventy-degree weather.


Les Savy Ferd said...

when i heard the weather was going to go sour I thought to myself, 'Oline needs to catch a flight today, right?' sounds about right.

oline said...

rationally, i know there have been days where i wasn't struggling to either leave this city or get back to it. but it doesn't feel like that.

Linda said...

you know what this blog needs now? a photo of what had you wanting to get out of chicago so badly.