03 March 2008

4 springing

we spend these months and months of winter bundled up to the gills, wearing way more than it would ever really seem normal to wear, and yet this is our norm.

then, out of nowhere, we have to take it all off.

yesterday was our first day of a spring that's going to be a long time coming. 53 degrees. no hat. no scarf. no gloves. no coat.

i've never walked down a street feeling more naked.


Les Savy Ferd said...

AAAAAaaannnd we are right back to january weather. nuts.

oline said...

seriously. what happened.

Les Savy Ferd said...

well you see Oline, the earth spins on an axis thus influencing the formation of what we have come to call 'winds.' these 'winds' rake across our planet eroding the earth and evaporating water whereupon said vapor condenses and can be redistributed in the form of precipitation. When these winds come down out of the cold barren north they cause temperatures to drop, punishing any and all foolish humans who have decided to inhabit such regions.

oline said...

i get the sense charts, graphs, and a barometer were involved in the leaving of that comment.