31 March 2008

0 march: a revue

in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world

"where did you get all your torsos?"

"it's kind of like 'where shakespeare was born'ish architecture."

"we really get the short end of the stick.
"i know, it's not like men have to buy skirts and purses and stuff."
"well, they could..."
"yeah, and then we wouldn't call them men. we would call them transvestites."

"i think that's why our relationship lasted so long. i made such good koolaide."

"it's nice to know that even if we do have to leave, we won't be leaving decades of kari and james in roanoke behind!"

"i'm not interested in escapades."

"i'm so manly, if i got AIDS i would just walk it off."

"scary how time liquifies when you have no concrete job."

"i try not to smell like food."

"she's a totally unprofessional bitch and she gets away with it and everybody pussyfoots around because she's got mental problems and debt. it's just not fair that you have to put up with this because you're sane with good credit."

"that would be the suck."

"they are a nation of cobblers."

"oh no! a banana blight!"

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