13 March 2008

10 lessons learned in pennsylvania

1. exits are not numbered consecutively.
2. the target shower curtain aisle never fails.
3. foos has braces.
4. pt cruisers come without cruise control.
5. and yet... i kinda want one.


Linda said...

foos has braces?


oline wants a pt?!!!!!

s.h.e. said...

forget the pt! i see you as an escort girl myself...a white, two-door, gasoline scented ford escort.

Linda said...

she's right.

oline said...

yes. foos has braces.

yes. i kinda want a pt.

yes. i miss weezer terribly.

yes. she was right.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i'm sorry, I can't read the word escort and not think of its other connotation and Oline, that kind of lifestyle just isn't for you.

Linda said...

wow, I didn't realize that she WASN'T talking about the other kind of escort. my mind is as dirty as a pirate.

and can we start making "that's what s.h.e. said" jokes now?

oline said...

aren't we obligated to?

and yes, that kind of escort. i've led a long secret life of escorting.

s.h.e. said...

yes, "she said" comments are welcome. by the grace of accident, i had no idea that it would appear like that. so, bring 'em on.

oh, and pardon me for being out of the loop, but "foos have braces"?

Unknown said...

you've led a life of escorting?

so what we're saying here, is that i've been your pro bono work these past few months?

oline said...

oh, no no. i expect you'll pay off.