18 March 2008

3 jack out!

today it has officially been nine years since S told me. the first time.

nine years since he passed me a note- written on yellow foolscap in the infamous purple pen- in mrs. woods' 4th period silver day ap economics class.

nine years since we huddled at the corner table under an overactive air vent at the barnes & noble cafe on galleria boulevard in franklin, tennessee and he told me and i laughed.

nine years since i sat in the centennial high school multi-purpose room scribbling a draft (because i did drafts even then) of the sappiest note ever on the back of my copy of the hallelujah chorus as bobby lutrell warmed-up on the piano and glared at me because i wasn't turning his pages. later that evening, he wouldn't turn mine.

nine years since i stood in the middle of the bathroom at the shake 'n steak off highway 96 in a full-length black satin formal gown and above-the-elbow black satin gloves and told kj that S had "become one of the characters on dawson's creek," as kj looked back at me- her eyes wide as saucers- and asked, "is he jack???"

nine years. god, we're old.


Nazianzus said...

I hope there are some of your high school classmates who read your blog and will understand what you're talking about. I laughed pretty heartily reading it.

It's amazing to think nine years have passed since high school. It makes me realize that I need to get busy on fulfilling dreams (either that or let them pass by the wayside and that is far too depressing to deal with in a blog comment...especially a blog comment on the board of a friend I haven't spoken to in years).

Let me know what you're doing these days. I'm slaving away at a law firm in Jackson, Mississippi. As the days pass, I increasingly wish I was a trust fun baby/philosopher king.

How is KJ? Have you talked to S in recent memory? Last we spoke, I think S was living in Florida with an older Jewish acquaintance...

Les Savy Ferd said...

back in my day bread was a nickel. but we didn't call 'em nickels then, we called bees on account of the Buffalos on 'em. we'd say gimme three moon pies for a bee, back then, and we'd still get a ha'penny and change.

kjd said...

finally have a moment to check email and read your blog. am sorry i have disappeared for so long. will send a long note soon.
is strange- i was thinking just the other day about steak n' shake, jack and our love for dawson's creek. time does pass too quickly. miss you terribly.
could use a hug from my caro.