04 March 2008

0 decisions, decisions

last night, i made perhaps the wisest decision ever.

a Wise Decision about gingerbread.

the market was the antithesis of holiday cheer this past season. accordingly, they did not carry gingerbread mix through the whole of the throes of winter (and after a deeply scarring bout with a martha stewart recipe, i am emotionally incapable of making my own). only this past weekend did it appear- wedged uncomfortably between the krusteez fat free brownies and the betty crocker corn bread. a lone box. it was mine!

unfortunately, it almost wasn't mine for long as, in my general euphoria, i pulled the gingerbread out of the oven a wee bit too gingerly (pardon the pun).

there are times when time stands still and you can see the whole array of possibilities that could unfold. as i stood there holding a flaming pan of splendidly undercooked gingery goo in my one hand about to drop the entire thing, there was this split second choose your own adventure moment. oline, do you...

A. drop this loaf of gingerbread (the last box and, therefore, the only gingerbread of 2008). drop it and not only be deprived of its gingery goodness but also be forced to clean up the tremendous mess it would make in dashing to the floor.


B. risk burning the fuck out of two fingers to steady a 450 degree pan for the 2.7631 seconds it would take to maneuver it to the counter.

not much of a choice really.

i hate cleaning floors. and that was damn good bread.

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