01 February 2008

10 further proof that far too few people have braved the swamps of lousiana

X: "what is that?"

Y: "it's like a pastry."

X: "it looks like it's tie-dyed."

Z: "why does it look like that?"

X: "oh my god, it's pure sugar."

Z: "what is it for?"

Y: "i think it's like some passover thing."

X: "oh they eat that down south, don't they? for the birth of god?"

Z: "is it safe to eat? can we eat this?"

X: "it looks like something of the devil."

Y: "but people down there eat it, right? down south? and they live?"


Clark MF Price said...

King Cake is a holy confection.

Unknown said...

Who got the baby Jesus?

oline said...

the pregnant lady.

Meggie said...

*laughs* I wouldn't eat the King Cake at Bible Study for that very reason!!!

Les Savy Ferd said...

you're never going to let the swamps of Louisiana thing go, are you?

oline said...

i don't forsee that ever happening.

Les Savy Ferd said...

despite the fact that I never said it? *grumbles to self like, you guessed it, an old man*

oline said...

trust me. you said it. you, croft and bern sat there in your living room sandwiching just prior to pfork '07 (which you may remember as the HOTTEST pfork ever), discussing some article you'd all read and agreeing that indiana was a perfect twin of the swamps of lousiana. it happened. i swear.

Les Savy Ferd said...

oh trust you now, TRUST YOU!? You, the bastion of lies and deception? Reasons this is false:

a) sandwiches? I'm not British, Oline.
b) its well documented that i can't read so your article theory doesn't hold much water now does it?
c) croft and bern? what is that some sort of 60's folk rock duo? I don't hang out with hippies.

your story is full of holes, Oline.

oline said...

let me detail the many many ways in which you are obviously wrong.

a) sandwiches. yes. you ate them. i think they were turkey.
b) you can't read and yet you read enough books to be the booklord of goodreads?
c) i don't know that we would say that croft and bern are hippies, but regardless, you totally hang with them. a lot.

TRUST ME. i am a fount of truths.