19 January 2008

2 vanity, vanity

my hair is long. the longest it's ever been. if i were being honest with myself, this is the point at which i would admit that i need help.

but i'm seldom honest with myself.

i need no help.

today, i redyed my roots- which involves distributing a heap of black chemical goo throughout one's hair, which is then piled atop one's head to marinate for 10 minutes before being rinsed out. i did this as i've done this thousands of times before, but in minute 2 something went terribly wrong. the structurally unsound hairpile gave way, sending a thick, chemical goo slathered tendril southward to slap me in the eye.

i stood paralyzed, uncertain how to proceed. because for a moment- a short moment, but a moment nonetheless- i honestly wasn't sure which was more important- my eyeball or my half-dyed hair.


Meggie said...

Ok, here's the solution because this has happened to me before. You really quickly slap your hair back up and then take care your eye. Just continously splash water in it until the burning stops.

oline said...

done. it never did actually burn or anything. probably because i instantly- after my moment- dumped an entire liter of water into it. problem solved.