21 January 2008

5 birmingham, we have a problem

i just trolled seven floors of the birmingham sheraton, visiting seven different vending machines to procure a diet pepsi.

would we call this addiction?

or just pure romantic love for carbonated water with a splash of potassium benzoate and a hint of astpartame?


Les Savy Ferd said...

i think its sweet.



oline said...

ha. punO.

Clark MF Price said...

180 times sweeter than sugar.
Turns into formic acid and methanol in your stomach.(fortunately, only a small amount otherwise we would have would drunk ant-people!)
Which diet drink do you prefer? Canned or fountain?

oline said...

canned. all the way.

Clark MF Price said...

Interesting. Because the fountain Diet drinks have not only aspartame but saccharin as well. Good to see that you are just an aspartame junkie.