13 October 2007

6 steven's first, second & last nights in town

(ie. when photo-happy friends with a predeliction
for strange face-making collide)

"it's a 'hit chicago weekend.'"

"the poems."
"the poems?"
"yes, the poems."

"what is this?"
"that? that is chiagoween."

"how did mary tyler moore ever do this?
it's much harder than it looks."

"so i was talking to this girl from greenpeace..."

"start drinking purple."

"how long did you talk to greenpeacegirl?"
"well then i kind of sort of gave her my phone number and my email."
"this is why you never talk to people on the street.
you wind up having relationships with them.
you have to just smile and walk away."

"remember that brownie?"
"that was a really good brownie."

"why did we never before think to hang out in and make fun of
titles in the harlequin romance section?"

"are you ever going to stop coughing?"
"AHEM... probably no."

"sir, there's no picture-taking in here.
please delete all those pictures you have taken."
"they weren't even very cute."

"that picture would be so much better with both of you in it."
"honey, just remember greenpeacegirl and walk away."

"so then greenpeacegirl said..."

"we'd like two apple pies."
"sir, we don't sell apple pies here."
"this is the face of broken dreams."

"nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m."

"sir, can i take a picture of the president on sale?"
"for you, dear, i'll even recreate his marking down."

"this is that store where they had those red boots.
you know, the ones i wanted 4 years ago and didn't buy
and have regretted every since... and there they are."

"so then greenpeacegirl said, 'of course,
your personal information will be secure.
it'll be right here in my fanny pack.'"

"did i mention that i saw greenpeacegirl again later on that day?"

"ironic that they're making a point about insufficient funds
by funneling money into a campaign involving
hundreds of thousands of glossy professionally printed posters."


Lara Ehrlich said...

i am officially unfortunate looking. Oh, and yet again, this is not croftie, merely me, using her auto-signed in account.

oline said...

you (dougo pirate) are not unfortunate looking. the "we're going to pretend there is not a girl sitting across the table from us taking pictures" approach just didn't quite have the best of outcomes this time around.

by the by- fun lunch!

kjd said...

The photos are fantastic! I feel like I was there. You and Steven are as perfectly matched as ever and you look stunning. Still love the dark hair.

oline said...

dearest kj,
you know you owe me a phone all, right? love!

s.h.e. said...

my oh my! we did get a little photo happy it seems. speaking of greenpeace girl, she finally emailed me with a few links on how to save the good ol' environment. i told her, "i'll be right on that." it's amazing how bold and cold one can be when not standing face-to-face. oh well.
love the pics, except for the one that looks like my neck has been all exorcised. however, you look as dashing as ever. looking forward to the sequel!

oline said...

i find it quite hilarifying that you abhored your initials for all those years only to make them your public identity now, much as i scorned my faith only to paste it onto my mailbox. we've come leaps and bounds, YOU. leaps and bounds.