31 October 2007

0 october: a revue

(in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world)

"it's 10:03. that's nice."
"WHAT?! your dream was naughty last night???"

"nothing says love like a fresh place to use the bathroom."

"oh yep! that's a boobie!"

"if you ask me, healthy living is overrated."
"yeah, i do wonder if i'll sit back at the age of 92, weighing all of 90 lbs, and lament the lack of fritos in my youth."

"and big business is bad? looks like someone needs to watch the target dollar movie again!"

"i cannot believe that we will be together soon, hanging out, eating, movie watching, not making out.... just like old times."

"who goes to the library to look at vodka websites?"

"they're full of all these vitamins and good things like spirillina."
"what is spirallina?"
"i think it's green stuff that tastes bad and makes everything stink. so yeah, yummy."

"it's no fun being skinny if your clothes make you look like a hobo."

"yeah, i'm over true love. i've moved on."

"she is like satan, but worse."

"do i look like i'm from the promised land? i do, don't i? you can tell me."

"you know things, oline. you've been around. you've worked here what... 2 years... 3 years?"

"my brother's going to die because this is the sluttiest thing i've ever worn."
"is it slutty slutty or cougar slutty?"
"no. no. it's more porn star slutty."
"well, that's the classiest kind of slutty."

"i saw a whore referee at kroger over the weekend, and i thought of you. well, not you as a whore, but y'know..."

"everything was fine but there was a scary moment where i really didn't know which was more important-- my eyeball or my half-dyed hair."

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