25 October 2007

5 a hmm hmm is good to find (ver. 3.0)

a year ago, KBG and i made a vow. we promised that we would see each other on or around our birthdays for every year to come. we're only a year into it, but this has already proven to be the wisest thing we've ever done.

it's wise because there are people you need to know you're going to see. people who reset you and balance you and make you laugh the really HUGE laughs. people who feel like home base. KBG is one of my people. if meggie's my longest-running romantic relationship, then KBG is my absolute favorite ex.

so we're making a 42-hour blitz through washington DC to celebrate the week before the week of her birthday.

i rather like making plans. given that my job actually involves making plans for other people's travel, i really rather like making travel plans. KBG knows this and she let me have at it.

so today i derived inordinate delight in the painstaking construction of our itinerary- inserting maps into tables and confirming addresses and phone numbers and metro fares and train schedules. trying to make it absolutely as easy as possible for KBG to find me in a random airport 5.32 miles from our random hostel in the middle of downtown DC on a random street named after a random state. two pages were devoted to the two hours in which this would be taking place on friday night.

and what happens after that? after KBG finds a parking space and the hotel and the dupont circle stop and catches the red line and transfers to the yellow line and rides the 6 stops to DCA and meets up with me- what happens then? what's the adventure? i have no idea. and, really, i wouldn't have it any other way.


Les Savy Ferd said...

I'm not quite sure I enjoy the words 'random' 'adventure' and 'hostel' all thrown about willy nilly right around halloween. do be careful. Also, its cold out there. best to bundle up.

Linda said...

better listen to the pirate/father figure.

also, may I steal all your plans when you are done? DC is just a skip and a jump away now.

oline said...

PLEASE be cliff huxtable for halloween, pirate. i know it's all kinds of inappropriate but ah, the hilarity!

Les Savy Ferd said...

all kinds of inappropriate = the best kinds of inappropriate.

oline said...

in cosbO-related newsflashes, we NEED the jellO pudding pOps.