07 September 2007

0 these people

my mum (whom i love love love) occasionally says things that blow me away. in church a few months ago there was a random remark about how "we don't believe in women ministers." we don't?! and here all along i thought i was being a good girl by not dealing dope or whoring myself out on the streets, all the while unknowingly harboring sinful beliefs that maybe women ministers are kind of kick-ass.

i'd only just barely reconciled myself to this discrepancy in our belief systems when, in a discussion with my grandmother, she said: "there are These People who see health care as a human right..."

that sounds cruel. it wasn't cruel when she said it. she said it as though it were a fact. as though health care were obviously a privilege. i sat beside her as one of These People, feeling like al sharpton and trying to fathom how medical treatment could possibly be seen as anything other than a human right. deeply influenced by the egalitarianism that characterized all 124 episodes of dr. quinn, i couldn't so i kept quiet.

because this is what we have learned in my family. there are things you have to let go. fights you just don't fight, because we are a peaceful tribe.

my grandfather worked for exxon for decades. as a result, he is fundamentally incapable of acknowledging the existence of global warming. to him, it is a preposterously far-fetched, media-hyped delusion akin to big foot or scientology.

i don't know what this signifies. i think it signifies something- that some meaning must be there- though i don't know what the hell it is. all i can come up with is that if i had helped contribute to global warming and wasn't going to be around to see its effects, i too would probably be indulging in some serious denial right about now. and if i'd never been without insurance, maybe i'd see health care as a privilege to be earned rather than a human right. maybe that's the lesson to be learned here. or maybe there's no lesson at all and i'm just making An Issue out of nothing. i don't know.

but for seven days i've been wallowing through an ear infection. i have insurance but i also have a doctor who plays hard to get, enough so that i was forced to hoof into walgreens to be carded for a damn box of sudafed and ultimately had to take an afternoon off without pay to fork over three day's salary for a visit to a doc-in-the-box. all this and i'm insured. heaven help Those People who aren't.

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