01 September 2007

1 august: a revue

(in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world)

"he looks like an aged drag queen who was never introduced to SPF."

"after i got back from dinner, he was not here, so i have no idea what his bare legs could possibly look like."

"i think i have a problem. oh well, at least its in my pants and not out in the open."

"but what is the worst that can happen? you stand in the corner and no one talks to you? to prepare for this worst case scenario, just wear cute shoes that you can stare at the whole evening."

"it's been an experience but not really one i'd ever like to repeat."

"i think this is the most oline we've ever had out in the city."

"be careful. he might be dangerous."
"he listens to foreigner. i don't think people who listen to foreigner can be dangerous."

"you guys are talking atop a bed of sand and plywood, with mild excitement that it could become more, say, a high-rise of love..."

"she blames everything- even peeing- on the weather."

"remember that time i tried to put my hand down your pants?"
"yeah, what was that about?"
"i don't know. i guess i thought we were going places."

"you ok? you weren't screamed at were you? you're looking kind of like you were screamed at."

"i've been with WOMEN! well... two."

"is this what happens when you go Out There? if so, i sure as hell want to go back in!"

"apparently this is your ridiculous life now. people will shake your hand and say strange things."

"he asked me to marry him. and you know me. i so don't want to get married right now, so i just said, 'um... no. can we get back to dinner?'"

"we're up to our ears in tasks over here."


"it's like i've signed an unwritten spoken verbal contract."

"there are people in here who are not related to us, so i wouldn't be dancing like that."

"fun times. not really, but it pays. and even unfun times can be fun if they pay. and yes, i am aware that's probably the logic of prostitutes, but i'm ok with it."

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*~JoDi~* said...

I just LOVE your blog! :o)

"it's been an experience but not really one i'd ever like to repeat."

This little quip reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

"It's been real. It's been fun. But it ain't been REAL FUN."

Use as needed! :o)