10 August 2007

4 what we believe to be quite possibly the most pretentious thing ever to have been uttered by a dude in a bar

"i lament that this city is missing
the thriving heartbeat of media interaction."

the only thing that could render this statement more mind-blowing?

that it was uttered by a dude who introduced himself as "kabob."


Unknown said...

i want to go to media functions where guys named kabob use "thriving" and "heartbeat" in the same sentence...and, all the while, stare at my chest. i need this in my life.

oline said...

chicago rocks, reason #14,901? this could (were we so masochistic) be our lives the second thursday of every single upcoming month.

Lara Ehrlich said...

Oh, God no! Not the second Thursday of EVERY month! One kabob a year just about does it for me.

oline said...

i think we're now obligated to go more often. not so much to meet people who could affect our destinies for the better in the chicago publishing world, but as social documentarians mining the thriving heartbeat of the media scene for absurdities of the highest caliber that we can then bring back to the masses. we're like columbus, croftie. this is our duty. we must go forth and mingle.