22 August 2007

0 that's alright, mama

monday SUCKED. i like to put a rosy surface on everything but there's really no getting around that fact. monday sucked.

monday sucked so badly that on tuesday i resorted to inspirational jewelry.

some months ago, my aunt sent this silver bracelet with a bible verse. this was very sweet. but it was such a normal, new looking piece of jewelry (where were the two inch rhinestones? the jingling bells? the tarnished gold plating? the missing beads? the bling?) that i never got around to wearing it.

i didn't get around to it until tuesday. when i stood before my box of jewels and thought, "my God, if ever there was a time for a bible bangle, 'tis today..."

so i went out into the world wearing the bible bangle. i'm not quite sure what the logic behind this was. perhaps, bearing the bible bangle, i would be reminded that love is indeed the greatest of these and manage not to go completely stark raving mad. or that the bible bangle would somehow pave the way to a good day, propelling the forces of unmitigated evil from my path with the sheer power of it's silver-plated sincerity.

in the end, the bible bangle wound up making me a one woman sterling silver brass band. clanging against the desk with every single typographic movement. bashing against the chair every time i made to rise. producing an unbearable nails-against-the-blackboard noise with every sudden reach across the desk.

i spent the entire day cursing the bible bangle, which was probably sacreligious in at least ten different ways. but i have to say, if it's a question of holding a precious moments figurine aloft to ward off the bad or putting up with the bible bangle bombastics, the bible bangle's the way to go. monday may've sucked, but it's all alright.

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