30 July 2007

5 tonight the part of oline will be played by charlotte lucas

the old boss is endlessly fascinated by my love life. but, as we've discussed, his fascination doesn't exactly follow a constructive bent. i forget this. i think we can discuss the vicissitudes of love and sit back and go ha ha! and move on. so i'm always a little thrown by the inevitable response. the leit motive of we've got to get you married.

apparently clocks are ticking, the good ones are getting away, blah blah blah. it's all very cinderella. and there are so terribly many things wrong with that statement. we've got to get you married.

maybe this is the generation gap. i grew up with mary richards and carrie bradshaw and the belief that a girl can make it in the city on her own well into her early 40s before it gets really really grey gardens damn scary. it may not always be fun, but it's never dull, it can be done and the shoes make it worth your while.

i'm struck every time i speak with the old boss by his idea that it's better to be married to someone- by God, ANYONE!- than to run the risk of being alone. of being not married. of being One of Those Single People. this coming from a man who married young and has apparently loathed his wife ever since.

admitedly, if we were living in a jane austen novel, this is the point at which we would begin to panic and i would leap desperately into the arms of the first mr. collins to come along.

but i don't understand the motivation here. we're a long way from regency england. we've got to get you married. why? what will happen if we don't? how scary would that be for us- for you to see me not be married?

there are things that we have to do and then there are things that happen to us and i'm pretty sure getting married just happens. though i have no doubt there are people that try, i don't think it's one of those things where you decide to do it and go out there and get it done. it's not like killing a sofa or cutting your own hair.

i'm 26. and honestly, i have yet to hear a single clock tick or see a good one get away. we've got to get you married? really, sir, it's none of your concern and, actually, sir, no we don't.


Meggie said...

Heck, I'm proof that marriage just happens! I was just doing laundry when up popped the future husband with no idea how to start the washing machine! Single life was fantastic and I loved it. Married life is awesome and I love every single minute of it. They are both fantastic in completely different ways. I think married people (especially long-married people) are intimidated by the single lifestyle. The freedom of it blows their minds.

Les Savy Ferd said...

meggie, you make it sound like your husband sprouted from the washing machine itself. Poof!

Oline, you are not, but I am getting old. Croftie was pointing out all of my gray-hair clusters on my head yesterday. "There's one, and there's 3 more, and wow, there's a bunch back there..." makes a man feel damn old. Distinguished was her word. I'll settle on prematurely regal.

oline said...

ah, meggie. meggie who never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever thought she'd get married (and please say we can make fun of that for the entire rest of our lives.)

and don't worry, oldO. us spry youngins are but a mere 730 days behind you in the race to old folksdom. and if eating dinner at 5 pm and falling asleep at 8.45 are any indication, we're closer than we'd like to think.

Meggie said...

Yes, Caro, you can make fun of that for the rest of your life. What can I say? My mother-in-law is Satan.

Doug--my husband has more white on his head than the original black. I would have the same but God invented Clairol.

oline said...

i do worry that these are my hair's glory days just before the whiting. and that i've spent it's glory days clairoling the hell out of it.