18 July 2007

2 stress ball

there are three major, big-time, scary work things coming up in the next four business days. and i was just floating blissfully along when suddenly there i was- barely even recognizable as this madwoman irrationally disturbed by the fact that her friends will be renting a car while they're in town.

not just irrationally concerned but freaked out. like oh my God! i'll have to memorize maps and one way streets and learn how to move about my city in ways that do not involve the simplicity of a swipe card and color system. oh noooooooooooo! as though this weren't something that really in no way involved me. as though they would be expecting me to drive. as though i might have never learned how.

it's frightful. how easily the brain can divert a boatload of worry about the things upon which one's paycheck hinges into an irrational fear regarding the details of someone else's rental car.


Meggie said...

Honey, breathe. 1) the rental car was all Mike and 2) we're only using it to get us to and from the airport/train station. We can't trust Jason with the subway or else who knows where he might end up. We will either be walking or subwaying it for Saturday.

I repeat, BREATHE! Oh, wedding pics are up with the photographer.

oline said...

i know. but sometimes a silly girl's just got to panic.