02 July 2007

7 seeing steven, the lindears, the partners and father bear and getting meggie married

june 29-july 1

for the very few people who were not in middle tennessee this weekend, this is what it looked like from the oline vantage point from beginning to end. you may be treated to other vantage points at a later date depending on how flattering they are to the oline.


"play any dominoes?"

"ha ha!"

"ever, you won! wait. ever, you lost!"

"they're being such boys right now."

"ax. a. x."

"partner, where did you get boobs?
we're going to have to talk about that."

"bit wider than a thumb there, don't you think?"

"oh my God! were we just shot?!"
"it was a balloon."
"damn balloons."
"that was so scary i almost peed."
"five down, one to go."


"you're so liiiiiiiiiiittle!"

"hell yes that was awkward. you don't sit a gay man wearing a 'last supper' belt buckle next to the reverend."

"if i ever get to the point where i'm putting poo- my own or anyone else's- on my face- i want you to shoot me. deal?"

"do something that'll look really cool on film?
that was your something really cool?"

"y'know. we could totally hijack that priest
and pretend this was our wedding."
"yeah. that would pretty much be the ultimate in free-loading."

"look how cool we look up there."

"those boys are getting on my last nerve."
"honey, you're marrying one of those boys.
you've got to get used to this."

"buttered mint?"

"think there's time for shoe shopping?"



"whoa. that was your kentucky derby smile.
you may want to take that one back."

"i'm not usually this gay but i'm vacationing."

"what is wrong with the pair of you? you're fabulous and then we stick you in front of a camera and you fall to pieces.
caro, it's a dry wedding and you've never looked drunker."

"thank goodness you're finally here. i left my toothpaste at home."
"well, that's the one thing i didn't bring and borrowed all weekend."
"huh. heredity."


oline said...

i'll go ahead and publicly apologize to humanity that i have irrevocably lost the downright riveting 27.3 seconds of live-action footage from the domino tower's downfall. a moment twenty minutes in the making only to be lost forever.

Linda said...

!!!!!! oh no you di-in't!!

and my hair! my boobs! my math! :sigh: Other than those three evils, I like.

and meggers was quite the pretty bride!

oline said...

i did. shhhhh. don't tell! it was entirely unintentional and i'm still not quite sure where it could've gone. but alas. we'll just have to domino again. it was glorious, after all.

meggers was indeed gorgeous. don't know why i was calling for carl instead.

Linda said...

geez-o-pete, it is a hike to scroll down to the comment section!

oline said...

just imagine the hike if i'd put them ALL up. besides- you like hikes. i did it all for you.

Linda said...

I do like hikes. You are right.

Meggie said...

Ok, got back at 2 a.m. this morning. Haven't gotten to my email yet. You *better* have emailed me pics or gotten them to me somehow!!

And you were a beautiful maid of honor!!!