25 July 2007

5 rush

i am almost always restless. i want things to hurry up, to happen. i want to make plans and i want to know where i'm going. because most times i don't. most times i fear i might be standing completely still.

yesterday, i got on a purple line train to linden. according to its maps, it was a pink line to 54th/cermack. the conductor came on the PA and exclaimed, "all aboard! green line train to harlem/lake!"

and suddenly, as i stood there on a directionally confused train going three different places at once, standing still didn’t seem half bad.


Les Savy Ferd said...

never been on the pink line. i don't swing that way.

oline said...

oh really?

oline said...

there was more to that-

swear i saw you swinging all over the pink line t'other day.

incidentally, pirate, there was a kid in the background of the theater scene of the "cut day" episode of saved by the bell who looked JUST like you.

Les Savy Ferd said...

have been told that dougogangers exist, but don't, can't, won't believe it.

oline said...

believe, my friend, believe.