22 July 2007

4 oh!

meggie & co. came to town this weekend. and i do believe the most fan-freaking-tastic moment was the hour and a half of girlie downtime devoted to the american gladiators marathon on ESPN classic. riveting.

we rooted for joseph mauro.
for the sole reason that his gladiatorial name was "bam-bam"
and that's a ridiculously fun name to shout while rooting.

and because bam-bam looked somehow so familiar.

there was something so elegant about bam-bam's mane.

his deadened, open-mouthed gaze.

his restrained reaction to unexpected failure.

the refinement with which bam-bam withdrew
to the corner to sob in defeat
(a scene which we were unfortunately unable to do
photographic justice due to hysterical laughter)

his indestructible courage.

bam-bam seemed so familiar.

then we realized.


Meggie said...

Bam Bam!!! Who was so horribly broken by his defeat (which was rather crappy in the fact that he was leading and then the guy that won tripped and landed on the finish line).

oline said...

yeah, it's a dubious victory when you trip and accidentally win.

Meggie said...

I just realized that one of your pics of Bam Bam looks as if he is "taking care of himself". Hey, I'm trying to put it nicely!

oline said...

ironic that it would be the photo in which- in actuality- he was bemoaning his defeat.