20 July 2007

0 full stop

S called yesterday with a gossip update. an update which left him to conclude, "yeah, it's you and me. we're the last single people of the class of '99." i was walking home and in my preoccupation of safely crossing a street, i simply giggled. i didn't consider the ramifications of this statement.

thus, i was entirely unprepared three blocks later when S, haphazardly going through the gossip list, blurted out: "oh and RL's married."

i've never before heard anything that literally stopped me in my tracks. maybe that's because i'm usually told to sit down first. but here, i stopped and stood still.

RL was my nemesis in high school. he was wildly in love with partner. as partner's partner, i was wild with hate. somehow after he and partner broke up, we became kind of sort of friends. he came to see me in mississippi. i saw him in new orleans. the last time i saw him was in memphis the night before i moved to chicago for maph. his visits were never planned. he always called and said he'd be there later in the day.

if i know anyone who is going to be president, it is RL. which is scary because we disagree on absolutely everything politically. but he's got guts and opinions and verve and is probably the least corrupt person i know.

my most vivid memory of RL is when he came to visit me in mississippi in that weird summer of 2001. i remember crossing the street by the post office in the bright july sun as he talked about his Master Plan. how he was going to become a lawyer and he was going to meet a girl and he was going to marry her and he was going to have kids and he was going to become a politician and he was going to rise to national prominence.

he had it all laid out- dates and everything. and as the years passed and he fell behind schedule, i worried about RL. eventually, i stopped hearing from him.

so as i stood there stopped on a chicago street yesterday, all i could think was, well done, mr. president. you're back on track.

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