08 May 2007

8 too five

it's been very sex & the city, season 5 lately.

like a plot speeding forward from all directions in the shortened season of a critically acclaimed show that doesn't quite know where to go. people are graduating and moving away and going to war and resurfacing and disappearing and looking for wives and losing jobs and getting new and better ones and getting married and going on second honeymoons and talking retirement and wanting babies and having babies and losing babies.

it's very "we're all adults here."

and it's very frustrating.

because there's nothing to do that isn't woefully inadequate. there's nothing to do but be a voice on the other end of the phone or words on a screen or a face across a table. and to stand still and wait for it. whatever it is. whatever the next season may bring.


Clark MF Price said...

I never did see the season 5 of SATC. My ex "borrowed" my discs and she said that I "gave" them to her.
I may be getting the wrong impression from this post, but when is the Oline ever inadequate?

oline said...

when will people learn that borrowing is not giving?

and i wasn't saying i think i'm inadequate- just that there are moments where all you can do is say "gee, that sucks," and that feels inadequate and it's frustrating.

Meggie said...

You are never inadequate my Carolina. Sometimes you call that soulmate far away in Chicago just to hear that "gee, that sucks" and that is enough. Sometimes that is all you needed to hear.

Clark MF Price said...

Ok. All set straight now.
Don't worry, I won't be calling you with stories about me having a set of twins name Prometheus and Epimetheus.

oline said...

prometheus and epimetheus? really? what about romulus and remus? or cain and able? or samson and delilah? or edward and mrs. simpson?

(is it obvious i do nothing all day but sit about naming the cats of my future?)

Clark MF Price said...

Well twins run really strongly in my family. My father is one and he has a set of twin sisters too. I am just preparing for the inevitable. I don't want any Trekkies messing with my son because his name is Romulus. I just think Prometheus is such a powerful name. He gave man fire. Though Epimetheus is seen as absentminded and he forgot to give man a good trait. He also married Pandora. Blah.

Linda said...

Cain and Able as kitty cat names? Delightful!

oline said...

somehow i don't think they would get along.