28 May 2007

0 in memoriam

dear chicago,
we established long, long ago that i'm wildly in love with you. because you are perfect for silly, restless girls on their own who need long, long walks to stay sane, have slight shopping addictions, collect coats and enjoy belgian beer.

as in all relationships, sacrifices must be made. being wildly in love with you means missing out on sonic grilled cheeses and southern accents and diet strawberry limeaids and barbeque and central air and the mississippi river. but this is nothing. because you are perfect.

so you can imagine what a horrid shock it was- in the midst of showing you off to a beloved friend- to unearth an imperfection. to discover that you are sometimes a lazy ass, and as a result you have temporarily lost the distribution rights to any and all lambics- most particularly the peach that i have come to adore.

what were you thinking? how can you have been so selfish? silly, restless girls need their belgian beer. i can only ask, in the immortal words of nancy kerrigan, WHY? WHY? WHY?

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