05 April 2007

7 let them eat cake

i'm big into commemorations. i would say this is a family trait except i don't think it is. this is pretty much just me. i instinctively celebrate events- big and small- by buying something- big or small- that is then endowed with Great Meaning based on whatever event- big or small- it was celebrating.

i hit a tipping point the other day. things fell apart and then they just as quickly fell into an entirely new, wholly improved together all in less than 24 hours- just proving yet again that it really does all work out in the end. and that the manner in which it does really is a mystery.

an event of such import cannot pass without commemoration. there must be some visible, appropriately excessive expression. some laying down of the visa in a way that shouts, I HAVE ARRIVED, WORLD. AND I HAVE THE 4" WHITE PATENT PLATFORM BOOTS TO PROVE IT.

i did not go that route, because i've gone that route before and i've bought the boots and they've had a fine and dandy life in the closet ever after. no. this was an event that warranted some entirely new means of celebration. something never done before. something stark-raving madcap wild.

to that end, i bought a $23 greeting card.

because really, what says HEY WORLD more than a $23 greeting card? that's actually a gross oversimplification. the $23 greeting card is kind of, sort of handmade (or at the very least, manufactured with great european love). it is bejeweled and beglittered. it's a teeny tiny work of art that just happens to be mailable if you love your friends enough to send them $23 greeting cards (frankly, i don't).

the $23 greeting card doesn't actually look like a greeting card, which is why it's going to hang on the front door. it's going to gaze knowingly out upon the pillbarracks balcony, and it's going to say with a sly smile and a worldly sigh, WE'VE ARRIVED. AND WE LIKE CAKE.


Lara Ehrlich said...

I am honored and overjoyed that I was there to witness this commemorative event. The angel cake is truly glorious and you deserve hundreds of them!

Lara Ehrlich said...

Not only did I comment today, but I'm FIRST! Yippee!

oline said...

i love croftie comments. it's like winning the lottery and sleeping in and having a cupcake with sprinkles for breakfast all-in-one.

thank you for being there to enjoy this momentous occasion. and thank you for participating in all phases of the crafting of Our Letter, which ultimately led to the happening of this momentous occasion. we've tipped. you're next!

Les Savy Ferd said...

$23! I've owned cars less expensive than that!

oline said...

i blame lent. otherwise i would've gone to h+m, blown $23 bucks and walked out with An Outfit. apparently, in lieu of An Outfit, a $23 greeting card is the next best thing.

Les Savy Ferd said...

that's okay, i spend almost $20 every other week on comics, and they aren't even about cake!

oline said...

your comics aren't about cake?! everything should be about cake.