19 April 2007

4 23*25

when i was 23, i thought i was pretty grown up. i had a good GPA, i'd gone to a fancy schmantzy school, i'd graduated thrice times, and i finally had decent hair.

but now that i'm 25, i'm quite sure that at 23 i was a complete and utter fool.

i was being interviewed for Real Jobs and trying to stretch waiting tables into applicable life lessons. how adept are my problem-solving skills? well, this one time i had to switch shifts with someone... what's my customer service experience? well, this one time a lady found some hair in her food...

at 23, life was comprised of one times where i'd kind of almost sort of done something similar to what i might be going to eventually do. if that makes any sense. in the end, really, it doesn't.

i thought my GPA was actually relevant and that the course "writing as a public intellectual" lent me an added edge. as though that was what people were employing. intellectuals in public practice.

it's astonishing, the gap between the ages of 23 and 25. two teeny tiny enormous years. at the start, you cling to a GPA and whatever experience you've been able to snag. at the end of them, you're paying bills, working a Real Job, rsvping to weddings, buying baby gifts, and shopping at forever21.

surely this gap won't be with us the remainder of our lives. surely we won't be 58 and smiling benevolently at the 56ers, thinking: just you wait! 58's going to whoop your ass!

but it is an odd phenomenon. that in a society so obsessed with youth culture, two tiny years could so effectively grow you up.


Linda said...

ahem. Almost three, actually. we're no spring chickens.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i think i threw my back out reading your post. and I'm pretty sure I have a cataract. *groan*

oline said...

at least it's not cooooooold out there, cosbo.

please also note what a complete and utter bitch i was at 23. partner couldn't possibly have done anything to warrant that face.

Osutein said...

As I spent those exact two years on a remote Japanese island, I've always felt a huge gap between 23 and 25 (now 26). I always figured it was the island, so I'm glad to find out it's not just me. And yes, you were an utter bitch at 23. But then again utter bitchiness/bastardiness is pretty necessary to survive in the Gothic wastelands of U of C.