12 March 2007

5 there is nothing as lucky

my relationship with conor oberst has been a complicated affair. i always wanted to like the boy- after all, one does rather like to like sexy, tortured geniuses- but events so often conspired against us.

once upon a time, our dear mutual friend jenny fair was madly in love with conor. thus, though i indulged in a mild flirtation, it felt not quite right to give in to the impulse to be madly in love with him myself.

then there was the legendary show in february 2004. most famous for the fact that a drunk man who sounded curiously like will ferrell punctuated the entire set with screams of "this one's for celia." never has there been a more emo evening.

after that, conor and i took a break. we needed some time apart. and so he went off to develop a strange closeness with jim james and record while i fooled around with ryan adams and wrote.

we had a casual fling in 2005, when jenny fair announced that she had moved beyond him and i'm wide awake it's morning briefly caught my fancy. but when a stupid boy cited the "take it easy (love nothing)" philosophy during a break-up speech, the fancy pretty much died.

until recently. on a whim, i turned to the album that most everyone i know didn't really like- digital ash in a digital urn. as i painted my way around the kitchen, i finally gave in and fell for conor. and as fate would have it but very seldom ever does, the timing couldn't be more perfect. conor's coming to town.


Les Savy Ferd said...

oh to be consumptive with love... *sigh*

oline said...

really, there's nothing more romantic than a consumptive.

*delicate cough*

Clark MF Price said...

Conor Oberst = Women who are bad for me.
Not Tori Amos Mega-Fan bad, but bad nonetheless.
Not necessarily "bad" in a bad way either.
Could I be more noncommittal and vague?

oline said...

conor oberst= women who are bad for you but not as bad as TAM-F bad and not bad in a bad way but bad nonetheless.

basically, they're just not good, right?

ironically, i'm quite sure conor oberst= men who are bad for me in a bad way.

Clark MF Price said...

I'm glad we see eye to eye.